Giving locally = Helping Locally

When you give to the Center for Food Action, you know your charitable dollars are going directly to providing food and housing assistance to your neighbors.  

Your donations improve the quality of life for those in need and helps build a stronger community.




Teaching children to try a variety of nutritious foods can play an important role in helping them develop good eating habits that will promote a healthy body weight and good health throughout their li...

As parents, getting fruit and veg into our kids’ diets is something we often think about. Thankfully, there are a few tricks that will make this a b...

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How to make veggies exciting for kids - Jamie Oliver | Features
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Wishing you an "unplugged" weekend!

A recent study found that simply walking through nature has positive effects on mental health.

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Your Brain on Nature
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Thank you to a team of CFA garden volunteers who, under the direction of Anna Fisichella, have turned an empty plot of land into a source of healthy, organic veggies for families who rarely can afford...

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