How YouGiveGoods Works

YouGiveGoods acts as the conduit to assist in getting goods from the people who want to help to the people who need help. Our platform provides a far more efficient and green way to promote and manage drives that support charities and organizations than can be achieved by using the existing model in which items are collected in a drop box and driven to organizations in need.

Our technology makes it easier and more enjoyable to conduct and contribute to drives—here's how:


Meet the YouGiveGoods Drive Starter

The YouGiveGoods Drive Starter is the person or organization who makes our site work. In minutes, anyone can start a Drive on the site and begin using the YouGiveGoods system to motivate their own network of potential contributors to do amazing good for others. By using the YouGiveGoods system, the Drive Starter commands several powerful tools to create drives and promote them to others.

Drive Starters can easily select the charitable organizations they want to help, and our site features a pre-selected list of goods that, as determined through our research, food pantries, homeless shelters and animal shelters most need. Once the drive begins, Drive Starters can spread the word about their Drive by using YouGiveGoods' powerful social networking tools and email blast system. 


Faster, Greener

We feel that the ease and speed of our system—from the power it grants everyone to start, maintain, and promote their own drives to the simple act of purchasing goods to contribute to those drives—will ensure for dramatic drive successes.

YouGiveGoods' technology and delivery system does all the heavy lifting; it dramatically reduces the time needed to manage a drive.

Time is so valuable, and we believe using it more effectively allows you to do much more good. Plus, by reducing the amount of vehicles on the road carrying goods, YouGiveGoods is much more environmentally responsible.
Our goal is to make YouGiveGoods the go-to destination for both people looking to start successful drives as well as those looking to do good by contributing to drives. Join us today!



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