Center for Food Action Staff by Sites

CFA Headquarters-Englewood
Executive Director-Patricia Espy
201-569-1804 x24 |
Director of Food Resources and Systems-Irwin Vogelman
201-321-3142 |
Director of Communications-Jennifer Johnson
201-569-1804 x28 |
Finance Manager-Stephanie McCaw
201-569-1804 x25 |
Contract Administrator-Michele Lefkowitz
201-569-1804 x22 |
Director NJ Anti-Hunger Coalition (NJAHC)-Adele LaTourette
201-569-1804 x23 |
Program Director, Advocacy and Outreach (NJAHC)-Lisa Pitz
201-569-1804 x21 |
Englewood Site-Manager-Case Worker-Judy Pucciarelli
Advocates-Sandra Caufield, Diane Fliegel, Audrey Mercer and Lori Oliff
Pantry Manager-William Eason
Pantry Assistant-Dieter Schimmeyer
Driver-Karl Houghton

CFA Volunteer Coordinator-Eileen Pfingst
201.569.2029 |

CFA Fairview
Site Manager-Jeanette Melendez
Advocate-Elsie Cestari
Pantry Assistant-Jeff Eason

CFA Hackensack
Site Manager-Jeanette Melendez

Pantry Assistant-Lynda Yarborough
Pantry Assistant-Melissa Cunningham

CFA Mahwah
Site Manager-Jim James
Administrative Assistant-Linda Somwaru
Advocate-Sharon Vogel
Pantry Assistant-Babar Khawaja
Maintainance-Bushra Khawaja

CFA Ridgefield
Site Manager-Soo Eo

CFA Ringwood
Site Manager-Jim James
Advocate-Grace Brockel

CFA Saddle Brook
Site Manager-Renee Gordon-Johnson
Advocates-Susan Biegen, Charlene Hennesey and Kelly Terranova