Center for Food Action Staff by Sites

CFA Headquarters-Englewood

Executive Director-Patricia Espy - 201-569-1804 x24 |

Director of Operations-Irwin Vogelman - 201-321-3142 |

Director of Communications & Community Relations-Jennifer A. Johnson - 201-569-1804 x28 |

Contract Administrator-Michele Lefkowitz - 201-569-1804 x22 |

Event Planner-Melissa Gagnon - 201.569.1804 x27 |

Accountant-Ellen Feld - 201-569-1804 x25 |

Volunteer Coordinator-Kathy Mikula | 201.569.1804 x29 |

Director NJ Anti-Hunger Coalition (NJAHC)-Adele LaTourette 201-569-1804 x23 |

Program Director, Advocacy and Outreach (NJAHC)-Lisa Pitz 201-569-1804 x21 |

Site Manager-Case Worker-Judy Pucciarelli, Advocates-Sandra Caufield, Diane Fliegel, Audrey Mercer and Lori Oliff, Pantry Manager-William Eason

Regional Manager | Jim James 201.529.2029 |

Driver-Karl Houghton

CFA Fairview Site Manager-Jeanette Melendez, Advocate-Elsie Cestari, Pantry Assistant-Jeff Eason |201-945-5831

CFA Hackensack Site Manager-Jeanette Melendez, Pantry Assistant-Lynda Yarborough, Pantry Assistant-Melissa Cunningham | 201-883-9375

CFA Mahwah Site Manager-Jim James, Assistant Site Manager-Linda Somwaru, Advocate-Sharon Vogel, Pantry Assistant-Babar Khawaja, Maintenance-Bushra Khawaja | 201-529-2029

CFA Ridgefield Site Manager-Soo Eo | 201-956-7630

CFA Ringwood Site Manager-Jim James, Advocate-Cheryl Provost | 201-529-2029

CFA Saddle Brook Site Manager - Renee Gordon-Johnson, Advocates-Susan Biegen, Grace Brockel and Kelly Terranova. Pantry/Warehouse Manager-AJ Torbio | 201-703-9857


#WhatWorksWednesday SAVE THE DATE: Are you Free to Help Kids in Need on September 11th, our National Day of Service and Remembrance? We're planning to assemble 2,500 weekend snack packs at our Nation...

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#ThinkAboutItTuesday Can you imagine what would happen if we turned all vacant plots of land into bountiful gardens? Thank you to Central Unitarian Church (CUC) in Paramus for doing just that! This we...

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#MakingADifferenceMonday #SayNo2Hunger An excerpt: "The need in North Jersey has been growing possibly because of the sluggish economic recovery, Johnson said. About a year and a half ago, the center ...

The Center for Food Action, which has eight locations in Bergen and Passaic counties, says it cannot keep up with the “urgent” pace of calls for f...

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North Jersey food pantries make urgent plea for donations
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Center for Food Action - 192 West Demarest Avenue - Englewood, NJ 07631 - (201) 569-1804