Center For Food Action – Non Profit in New Jersey

-Dinners4Seniors, a new CFA pilot program

CFA is piloting a new Dinners4Seniors meal kit program as a way of addressing the expanding needs of our growing senior client population. Each month, 50 CFA Englewood families with all members 60+ years of age, will be selected to receive a #Dinners4Seniors package.

The packages will include 1 frozen cod filet, 1 frozen salmon filet, 1 package of frozen ground turkey, 1 package of frozen chicken breasts, 4 steam-in-bag frozen mixed vegetables, microwaveable brown rice, fresh potatoes, fresh onions, bread crumbs, canola oil, garlic powder and salt and pepper.

Over 19% of CFA’s clients are now seniors, making that group our fastest growing demographic.