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The Trump Administration has proposed a rule that would deter legal immigrants from seeking help for themselves and their children.

The rule would make it even more difficult for immigrants to stay in the U.S. legally if they sought help through federal nutrition, housing and health programs. The rule will increase poverty, harm health and learning and weaken our communities.

Hunger Free New Jersey, along with our national partners, is submitting comments opposing this rule. Please join us. Anyone can submit comments. The Food Research & Action Center and the Protecting Immigrant Families Campaign have made it really easy. Just click here to register your opposition to this damaging proposal.

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Under the proposed rule, immigration officials could turn away legal immigrants seeking to remain here — or to come to the country in the first place — if they have received or are judged likely to receive any benefits tied to need that are available only to immigrants lawfully in the United States.

Read the blog from Center for Budget and Policy Priorities.

Please speak up against this harmful proposal. It only takes a few minutes!.

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