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-Hunger-Free Campus Act passes Senate!

The Hunger-Free Campus Act, (A-4702/S-3239), which promises to address hunger among college students, heads to governor’s desk for his signature.

The legislation would establish a grant program to help colleges address college hunger.

In order to be deemed a “hunger-free campus,” the institution would be required to:

Establish a hunger task force that meets a minimum of three times per academic year to set at least two goals with action plans,

Designate a staff member responsible for assisting students with enrollment in the New Jersey Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, also known as food stamps),

Allow students to use SNAP benefits at campus stores,

Provide at least one food pantry on campus or enable students to receive food through a separate, stigma-free arrangement,

Develop a “Swipe Out Hunger” student meal credit sharing program or designate a certain amount of funds for free meal vouchers that might otherwise be raised through a “Swipe Out Hunger” program.

This measures is a great first step toward reducing hunger on college campuses.