Center For Food

Our Team

Board of Directors

Dr. Menen

I believe food insecurity and homelessness are societal issues that must be eradicated.

Menen Mathias-Fredericks, MD

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Deborah Klein

Board Member
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Drew Kyndall-Ross (Dr. Rev.)

Board Member
Dot Anderson

I feel very strongly that nobody should be hungry or homeless and that it is up to all of us as a community to do what we can to give back to those who need our help.

Dorothy W. Anderson

Vice President
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Shelley Eleby

Board Member
Linda K

CFA helped me to understand that food insecurity and hunger exist everywhere in the world, including wealthy communities in northern N.J.

Linda Kligman

Board Member
Steve S

I believe the Center for Food Action plays a tremendous role in our community to address the needs of those less fortunate.

Stephen Selver


I believe it is our mission to help our friends and neighbors in their time of need

Cynthia Johnson-Barbato

Board Member
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Lauren McGovern

Board Member
Dr. Anthony

I believe that it takes a village to raise a child, therefore it takes a village to feed and shelter.

Anthony Fasciano

Marcia L

I believe a society cannot move forward until its basic needs are met.

Marcia Levy

Board Member
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Walton Clark

Board Member
Michele C

I believe it is the basic right for everyone to have food and housing.

Michele Calise

Board Member

Leadership Team

Patricia Espy

I believe each day we are given the opportunity to impact others in a positive way and we have a commitment to do so.

Patricia Espy

Executive Director
Nicole Davis

I believe as Bryn Stevenson said, "Somebody has to stand when other people are sitting. Somebody has to speak when other people are quiet.”

Nicole A. Davis

Director of Events
Lori O

I believe in helping our neighbors to have a brighter future

Lori Oliff

Englewood Site Manager & Food Outreach Coordinator
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Mallie Romanowski

Communications Specialist, HFNJ
Michele L

I believe Food security is an inalienable human right and it is our shared responsibility to ensure that our neighbors have access to sufficient, nutritious food.

Michele Lefkowitz

Assistant Executive Director
Valerie Anderson

Everyday I speak with wonderful people who want to help CFA. I have the greatest job in the world!

Valerie Anderson

Director of Volunteer & Supporter Engagement
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Jeanette Melendez

Hackensack Site Manager
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Frank Ruiz

Director of Operations
Joy I

Joy Ingilizian

Contract Administrator
Linda Somwaru

I believe that giving back to our community is our responsibility.

Linda Somwaru

Site Manager, Mahwah & Ringwood

Cathy Sharick

Director of Communications
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Lisa Pitz

Director, Hunger Free NJ

I believe it is important to treat people with kindness and respect and make a positive difference in their lives.

Helen Wood

Ellen F

I love working for an organization that does so much to help so many. CFA makes the world a better place.

Ellen Feld

Finance Director
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Susan Porschen

Administrative Assistant
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Claudia Granados

Saddle Brook Site Manager