Homelessness Prevention Program

CFA’s Homelessness Prevention Program provides financial assistance, guidance, and peace of mind to over 793 struggling low-income households per year. The money clients save can then be used towards other necessities, such as food, medical bills, transportation, and child care expenses.  In 2018, we provided $760,000 in housing and utility assistance.

Program Components

Utility Assistance

For a senior on a fixed income, or a struggling family with a baby, cold winters and hot summers mean more than just a wardrobe change. They mean high bills that could lead to a utility shut-off, and dangerously low or high temperatures that put themselves or their loved ones at risk. A family with no utilities cannot provide their children with nutritious, hot meals or fresh water, and a lack of utilities is often enough for a landlord to start the eviction process. When households find themselves unable to maintain a safe living environment, the Center for Food Action can prevent a utility shut-off, reconnect a disconnected service, or make a delivery of fuel oil to keep our low-income neighbors safe and comfortable in their homes.

Rental Assistance

The exorbitant price of housing in New Jersey doesn’t leave much wiggle room for our neighbors in need. The cost of a car repair or an unexpected medical procedure can throw a well-designed budget out the window, leading to an eviction notice or lock-out. But, with assistance from CFA, an emergency doesn’t need to mean losing a home. Clients who have received a lock-out or eviction notice can remain independent and off the street, preventing the additional costs of moving and storage, as well as the emotional toll of being removed from their homes.

Security Deposits

When a move is needed, but the high costs of a security deposit, first month’s rent, realtor’s fee, moving van, gas, and other moving expenses are too much to handle, the Center for Food Action is here to help. For a family looking to save money by relocating to a more affordable apartment, a domestic violence survivor starting over with her child in a new, safe home, or a senior who can no longer take care of his childhood home, a security deposit or first month’s rent provided by the Center for Food Action means not having to worry about beginning a better life.

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Rental & Utility Assistance

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Help a family avoid eviction and stay in their home.

Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Say About CFA

We are extraordinarily grateful to see our community come together to support frontline care team members in the last several months. Through your generosity, more than 150,000 meals from local restaurants were donated to help power our team through the height of the COVID-19 crisis. As we begin to move forward, our locations will no longer be accepting food donations—but we ask that you keep that generous spirit alive.

We encourage you to instead direct your financial donations to Center for Food Action’s Give a Meal Program to help those going hungry within our communities. Together, we can curb hunger, help local restaurants, and make a difference for families in need.

Give A Meal