Volunteer at CFA

CFA Volunteers Make Our Work Possible

Volunteers play a key role in CFA’s mission to end hunger and homelessness in our neighborhoods. Every year hundreds of CFA volunteers donate their time and energy to improving the lives of local individuals and families who are in need. Here are the many ways you can bring your generosity of spirit, talents and work skills to bear on CFA’s work and mission:

Organize a Food Drive

CFA relies upon the community to host food drives that will provide the needed groceries to fill our emergency food packages. This job is vital to our ability to provide food to those in need.

Personal Fundraising

A Gathering With A Purpose:  Learn more about how to host an event to raise awareness about hunger and homelessness and raise funds to help.

Administrative Support

Fundraising, making phone calls, filing, mailing, record keeping, and public outreach.

Pantry & Warehouse Work

Volunteers are needed to sort donated food, stock our pantries and warehouse shelves, and prepare the emergency food packages that are given to our clients.

Can I Volunteer?

Volunteers must be 16+ years old.  Scout groups, religious groups, and other youth groups looking for volunteer opportunities can contact CFA at volunteer@cfanj.org. 

We are extraordinarily grateful to see our community come together to support frontline care team members in the last several months. Through your generosity, more than 150,000 meals from local restaurants were donated to help power our team through the height of the COVID-19 crisis. As we begin to move forward, our locations will no longer be accepting food donations—but we ask that you keep that generous spirit alive.

We encourage you to instead direct your financial donations to Center for Food Action’s Give a Meal Program to help those going hungry within our communities. Together, we can curb hunger, help local restaurants, and make a difference for families in need.

Give A Meal